By Charles Mulwa

Sustainability, a key that unlocks many doors and brings light in the darkness. Sustainable development goals, a whole package for both youths, men, and women to change the prolonged culture of unstable living in Africa and beyond. Due to many challenges in all sectors of life, for instance, health, education, and economy, the global village has come together to point out the sustainable development goals in order to enhance lives in the globe. 

While on the journey towards sustainable development, the youth has a key role to play in order to ensure that sustainability dream has been realized. In a world with many social, economic and environmental challenges the youth can do the following to change the status quo in Africa by the year 2030;

The youth can come up with new methods of production which will be used in our production industries. This is easily achievable as a result of the emergence of new technology in all sectors of human life. There have been prolonged challenges in the field of production which has led to the production of poor quality goods and services in the economy. The youth in Africa has broad knowledge in technological advancement. This can be used by the youth as an avenue to ensure that technology been used is in line with the current market demand. This will enable African countries to produce goods and services of high quality ready to enter the global market hence attain suitable economy to support its people by the year 2030.

In our daily lives, poverty has been the agenda for many African countries. Whereas at the same time, the youth can come on board to address this long-term challenge. This can be done through active engagement in productive roles in the economy. The youths can acquire skills and training that will enable them to be job creators rather than job seekers. This can be realized by partnering with government and non-governmental agencies which are willing to offer free education to them to acquire such skills. This will enable them to pull out poverty and hunger in African countries as the youth constitute the largest population. 

Environmental pollution is taking place at the high rate in Africa. This has led to a change in climatic patterns leading to unpredictable climatic conditions in Africa. To curb this the youth can embark themselves in creating awareness about the dangers of climatic change. They can also come up with by-laws which will ensure strict measures against those who pollute the environment. They could also encourage the use of alternative sources of energy which are environmentally friendly. For instance, nature is in the capacity to produce solar energy that can even be used to run large firms which contribute a lot to air pollution. Tree planting plays a critical role in the conservation of the environment, which is for the benefit of the lives of the people, as well as their future generations. Every youth for environmental protection is a slogan that can help to solve environmental challenges in Africa by the year, 2030.

Diseases have become a major challenge in our social lives. There exists a huge opportunity for the African youths to promote good health and well-being through sustainable development goals. This can be achieved through the youth becoming the change agents in the health sector. The youth, in addition, could come up with new methods of prevention and treatment of diseases. Scientific research on medicine is one of the key roles of the youth that could come up with solutions to better health. Additionally, the youth can foster quality education which ensures new solutions to health challenges by advocating for the creation of training centers for health practitioners which are in line with the emerging trends of diseases in Africa while abandoning the classical practices.

The challenge of inequalities has been prevalent in all the sectors of the economy in Africa. The youth can ensure reduced inequalities by standing out for equal chances for both male and female identities. To realize this, the young men and women can take up leadership positions by acquiring the minimum requirements for such positions deprived of discrimination. In essence, the youth in Africa should have wide inspirations such as being well represented in the government positions. In this way, inequalities will be reduced for both male and female, preferably among the youth population. 

To sum up, the youth play a fundamental role in using the sustainable development goals to social, political and economic problems in Africa. It is through the application of sustainable development goals that vision 2030 will be realized in African countries. 

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