Socio-economic and environmental challenges rank among the most pressing issues in Africa today. At WESUSTAIN, we present a scalable three-step approach for reconciling growth and environmental and social goals. Essentially, our approach is composed of three steps: Sustainable thinking, Innovation, and entrepreneurship. In the sustainable thinking step, we create an environment in which individuals and organizations become motivated to shift their underlying assumptions and beliefs and transform their cultures in ways that produce environmentally, socially and economically sustainable results. In the innovation step, we utilize the 17 sustainable development goals to design innovative solutions to the socio-economic and environmental challenges faced by the African continent. In the sustainable entrepreneurship step, we deliver change by creating economic and societal value via break-through sustainable products, processes and services that will sustain the African nature, the sources of life support, and communities. Results show that our approach can catalyze the necessary transformation towards a sustainable future in Africa while significantly allowing space for review and scalability.