What is the Nairobi SDG Bootcamp?

The Nairobi SDG Bootcamp is a fast paced and dynamic program that aims to educate, inspire, and support young Kenyan sustainability enthusiasts and innovators to develop practical solutions to sustainability challenges in Kenya. 

The Bootcamp is focused on generating new ideas and practical solutions that can address the most pressing sustainability challenges in Kenya. The workshops and the training retreats which will occur prior to the innovation lab will enhance the personal and professional skills of the participants. This will help mold them to work effectively with the SDGs as a transformative change agenda in the innovation phase.

Learning opportunities

The main learning opportunities offered by the Bootcamp are:

  • Leveraging the SDGs for transformational change

  • Leadership skills and personal development for future innovators and changemakers

  • Skills and tools for action on the SDGs

  • Sustainability Innovation platform inspired by Co-creation 

  • Mentorship

The Nairobi SDG Bootcamp is not a theoretical course for learning about the Sustainability concepts, it is a practice focused session for working with principles of sustainability as an innovation framework for developing catalytic solutions to socio-economic and ecological challenges in Kenya. 

Bootcamp Facilitators

The Bootcamp is not run by lecturers but by non-profit professionals who work with participants in an accompaniment approach with most training retreats taking place as part of actual BCCIC projects and programming and participants are associated with the organization itself while participating in the Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp has a strong focus on innovation and design thinking for effective creation of  strategic and practical solutions. 

Who are we looking for?

Nairobi SDGs Bootcamp (NSB) seeks to work with young people who are curious and passionate about learning, and wish to work actively in developing sustainable solutions which help steer Kenya towards achieving the SDGs. If you are keen to learn, to practice, and to work with other like-minded peers in developing implementable solutions to critical sustainability challenges in Kenya, this program is for you. 

As a transformational change program, the Nairobi SDG Bootcamp requires an interest in exploring the role our curiosity, worldviews, skills, and experiences play in shaping our decisions to be sustainable or not.  The Bootcamp is ideal for those who have a strong interest in the SDGs and Sustainability related issues such as inclusive development, social justice, shared value, environmentalism, ethics, and volunteerism. The design of the program is such that the Bootcamp remains impact focused hence demanding the formulation of practical sustainability solutions that can be scaled into initiatives for impact. 


To be eligible to apply you:

  • Must be between the ages of 18-30 

  • Must reside in Kenya

  • Must be willing to work with peers

Program Structure and Overview

The Nairobi SDG Bootcamp is built around SDG action workshops.It is important to note that the Nairobi SDG Bootcamp is not a lecture-based kind of engagement, rather, it is an intensive and immersive program which is action-focused. As a participant, you will interact with sustainability experts from various corporate organizations in Kenya. As a changemaker, the program will present to you the opportunity to dive deeply into developing cultivating skills for sustainability innovation. You will then leverage on the acquired skills and your experiences as a Kenyan youth to develop solutions which will advance sustainable development in the country.

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