By Sharon Wangari


Africa. The Mother land of such great countries among them is our own Kenya. All of these developing countries in the wake of trying to get an upgrade on the quality of life, on how great their citizens perceive their own country. Each day struggling to get a better perception. 

The youth in our world as we all know form the backbone of our society, our productive hands, the creative minds, the love and earnest passion they pour into whatever they set their minds to. So for a better youth an upgraded version rather that's smart in all ways and wise beyond their expected years. 

Our Kenyan nation accounts for a great number of the youth who are mostly just done with their tertiary education or still in the process. With the increase in the courses offered for the youth you would think that we would have gotten to where we want to be, vision 2030. Where pure greatness is all that is expected of us. Better healthcare, less people living in utter poverty more to quality life, lesser gaps between the rich and the poor. But it's all a process I agree, we have to work to get there, fall on our way, stumble but eventually we'll get there. 

The youth can utilize the education they get from the university's and colleges on the “small” courses, the things that no one knows what they are about and make us know them. The myth that all good courses are just in medicine or engineering should get banned from the youth's growing minds. 

Entrepreneurship. A term that our youth know so Little about. All everyone wants nowadays is a quick fix. Finish school, get employed, earn a meagre salary, live a mediocre life, but who is to blame if gambling is so deeply rooted in all of us. When you prefer free over hard earned money. When we the youth forget we even have opportunities just beneath our noses all we need to do is realize it. A perfect example being the Kenyan youth fund. A provision for the youth that is under utilised despite the presence of the funds. 

We as the youths are at the peak of our lives so if we put our effort in the whole country would improve just due to our work. Our productivity is quite high at work and our passion unbridled. Despite this facts the number of youth being creative enough to be confident and invent anything are just as few. Let's count the solar powered car....but still we can't blame ourselves, there have been some of us confident enough to be smart and innovative enough to actually make it in life and make their name a legend. 

Our leadership positions currently are not with the youth, Though that is naturally wise, where are we getting our inspiration from? Our role models are mutually absent, we can't see greatness apart from in the ages where we are grey and old and our bodies too achy to be productive. The vigour of life, long gone and all we have to offer is the wisdom to pass to our future generations about how productive a world can be if a generation is ruled by the youth yet live long enough to get to see it. 

Farming. We all forgot about that right? We all don't want to be the one that tills the land and has dirt caked finger nails and hands so rough that you don't want your mind to go there. But what if we brought up our youth in a greater way thinking and knowing that it is a gold mine, the soil, that the ecological gain to us is greater than the said shame in just being a farmer that tills land yet feeds a great nation. How can we say we achieved if we have no food security at the end of the day yet our souls are as fertile as any soil would ever be. 

It's a digital world, I agree. Heck, everyone of us is a semi-proffessor in this field. We all own a blog of sorts, a channel on you tube and are all in the various social media sites. Who wouldn't be in this age? As much as capitalising in the online world rocks, we need to do more than just that, the online writing, the advertising and surveys to get money and beyond the money is a million people's attention. Let's use this as a forum to air our views. To convene our youth and convince them of how great they are and how great they could be if they just but crossed the extra mile and took life in their hands to fix all they presume is broken in our nation, the corruption, poor waste disposal and make us a greater country and at the end of it all a greater continent for all of us to live in. Cause who else will make us attain our goals if not our most productive lot.