Wesustain Africa is a youth-driven platform for sustainable development on the African continent. We are active participants in innovation for sustainability, our work generally encompasses identifying new and more effective solutions to development challenges in the continent. This transformation agenda calls upon the youth from different academic backgrounds and expertise across the continent to design new solutions and products to the current socio-economic and environmental challenges in Africa. At WESUSTAIN, we connect forward-thinking African youth and innovators to inspire new approaches to sustainable development by leveraging on SDGs as we adopt a new path towards true sustainability in Africa.
Sustainable Thinking

Thinking for a smart future, changing minds and behaviour

Sustainable Development Goals

Are a tremendous laboratory for innovation; a transformative agenda that calls upon the African youth to design new solutions to the old challenges faced by the African continent, and build a better future for the upcoming generations, leaving no one behind.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

A space for Entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability where challenges are turned into business opportunities by deployment of sustainable innovations

Sustainable Development Goals